For the last 10 days , I have been working on MATLAB in order to write some codes for modelling a problem which is exist for a long time .(This is a secret project 🙂 so I could not explain what I am gonna do with that software 🙂 ,i can only say it is just solar car related thing) .

After spending so many hours with MATLAB , I started to search for the funny sides of MATLAB..

1-First of them is the very famous “why” command .. When you type “why” on command window it returns sentences just like below

>> why

For the love of a bald and terrified mathematician.

2-Second is


type this on command window , hit enter and see what is going on : )

3-And the other one is about reshape command errors ..This is not working on MATLAB 7.0 and further versions but older versions have this funny errors..

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Don’t do this again!.

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Cleve says you should be doing something more useful.

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Seriously, size argument cannot be negative.

4-When you  type “life” in the command promt. Conway`s Game of Life presented by the british mathematician John Horten Conway will activate.

5- >>toilet

Toilet simulation 🙂

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