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I was in the Outback , too

Right now, I think that I am very lucky to find out these movies after spending about 1 month totally in the Australian Outback.Sometimes, it sounds scary while you are sleeping in the outback but stories in these movies should not have happened before.

Bu yazının devamını oku


For the last 10 days , I have been working on MATLAB in order to write some codes for modelling a problem which is exist for a long time .(This is a secret project 🙂 so I could not explain what I am gonna do with that software 🙂 ,i can only say it is just solar car related thing) .

After spending so many hours with MATLAB , I started to search for the funny sides of MATLAB..

1-First of them is the very famous “why” command .. When you type “why” on command window it returns sentences just like below

>> why

For the love of a bald and terrified mathematician.

2-Second is


type this on command window , hit enter and see what is going on : )

3-And the other one is about reshape command errors ..This is not working on MATLAB 7.0 and further versions but older versions have this funny errors..

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Don’t do this again!.

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Cleve says you should be doing something more useful.

» reshape(randn(18,19),-1,10)
??? Error using ==> reshape
Seriously, size argument cannot be negative.

4-When you  type “life” in the command promt. Conway`s Game of Life presented by the british mathematician John Horten Conway will activate.

5- >>toilet

Toilet simulation 🙂

For more funny aspects ,visit  http://www.eeggs.com/tree/422.html

What is HOT DOG :))



SOLAR IMPULSE – Solar Powered Adventure


Solar Decathlon

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Getting Started Again…

Nowadays, I am on the some other important points of my life.My last three years at Sakarya Univesity just completed and I have two more years till graduation. It is really shocking to see how these three years passed so fast.And day by day I start  thinking about my career , in which company I may work , in which area I may focus on, what I really want to do to earn money for my life, what is the goal of my life? . These are the questions scrabbling my mind..

Actually , this is not the first time , I always think about my future but this time , it is a bit different..I am behaving more realistic about my aims my dreamy goals.I am eliminating the most of my objectives which are not realistic.

And also , I am thinking about Master Programmes.I am considering both Turkish Universities and foreign university options.But it seems that it is nearly impossible to start a master programme in Australia ,Canada or USA due to their high educational fees.Maybe some scholarship options may be considered , but my academic degree probably will not achieve the required standard for grant applications.And also there is a problem about language fluency , I do not have a TOEFL degree and I think if I examined I could not get the degree they require for application.So there is so much problems about foreign master programmes..So I decided to continue to Master Degree in Turkey , if I choose to continue Master after my graduation , probably I will be in Turkey…

As a possible engineer of 2012 , My life aim is serving to my country at the engineering area, there is also some R&D companies which are dedicated to Turkey and trying develop some technologies for our country.I am professing a great esteem for such a people who prefer living in Turkey and earning less money to working abroad and making much money.These dedicateds have a life goal and following the steps according to this aim.

As a developing country there is too much opportunities in Turkey to found an engineering company and to work really hard 🙂 . So it is a bit complicated. The only thing that I am clear is that I will spend all my life working on electronics , writing codes and developing systems etc..

So 20th September will be another important day when my 3rd year at electronics engineering will start and this year will be the hardest year of my life ,when it is considered that we are going to produce a new winning solar car for World Solar Challenge 2011..